Sanam International Travel Ltd

Sanam International Travel is a small family run travel agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was important that the solution provided was cost-effective, efficient and easily aligned to the current set-up of the business.

The solution provided centred around provision of a flexible team of sales agents working out of the Cutting Edge call centre. All agents were trained and experienced in Sabre and other travel agency software packages.

As the sales agents provided by Cutting Edge were customer facing, there were other very important points to consider:

  1. Confidentiality. It was important to Sanam that the Company image not be let down by agents not being supervised directly. Cutting Edge monitors each team closely and there are strict office rules enforced. 
  1. Company Image. Sanam insisted that any customer facing agents should be fully fluent in English, and if possible they should have experience of English from English-speaking countries. In fact all Cutting Edge employees (customer-facing or not) are fully fluent in English with a minimum of 2-3 years working in an English speaking environment, or have worked internationally.
  1. Cost of Transferring Calls Internationally. Potentially this could cost more than the sales agents themselves. Cutting Edge however are able to take advantage of existing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies to set up low-cost and even free transferring of calls between a UK office (Sanam) and our team off-shore.

Sanam have now worked with Cutting Edge for more that 8 months. Their business is growing with the help of Cutting Edge. Cutting Edge now dedicate a team of up to 8 agents to work for Sanam. They are all flexible workers and depending on the monthly requirements of Sanam the team can be increased or decreased quickly so as to maintain a low cost base for the client. The skills are passed between team members easily to maintain continuity and client satisfaction.

“The work we have given to Cutting Edge has allowed me more time to think about the direction and goals of my business. Cutting Edge has helped me do this with efficient and well-spoken staff, that I would not otherwise have been able to find in Newcastle. The cost benefits to us from using Cutting Edge aren’t bad too”
– Hamad Hussain (Director), Sanam International Travel Ltd.

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