Motohart (UK) Ltd


Motohart is leading supplier of motorcycle clothing & accessories.


The client wanted to synchronize its Buying, Selling and Delivery processes and systems with suppliers, distributors as well as retailers. For the success of this initiative, the client decided to implement a supply chain data warehousing solution. The data warehouse was built to address four functional groups (planning, sales, logistics and finance).

As several source systems were involved, the client faced challenges to extract, transform and load the source data. It also needed IT consulting for analysis and modeling of data warehouse.


The Cutting Edge Projects team overcame the following initial challenges in providing flexible data warehouse infrastructure to accommodate specific requirements.

  • Micro Strategy Tool’s alignment towards snow flaked schemes.
  • Database views and Materialized views to address complex reports.
  • Data-mart implementation against highly dynamic source system changes.
  • Building a staging area to address requirements of downstream systems other than the data-mart.
  • Understanding and modeling data relationships from systems such as SAGE, and other spreadsheets.
  • Accommodating for the different kinds of Motorcycling Sports as well as different history requirements on products.
  • Relationship design between distribution and warehousing.
  • Supply chain management dynamically controlled with warehousing.
  • Invoice, delivery and damaged return process of products carefully linked to ensure proper inventory in the database.
  • Huge volumes of data and a small load window to load
  • Working around tool challenges.

In order to avoid long running maps, all the fact loads were split into small and simple mappings that loaded temporary tables concurrently, which were eventually used to load the facts. Oracle’s processing power was harnessed by maximizing the use of the source qualifier queries and was used over Informatica’s processing capabilities, which led to faster load times. Job control tables and good design of staging tables ensured good restart and reprocessing capabilities. Temporary tables and efficient maps ensured that the true increment was captured without compromising on the load time, hence ensuring good data quality without hitting the performance. The following technologies were used

Hardware : SUN Netra
Data Warehouse and Staging Database: Oracle 8i
Data ETL: Informatica Power Center 5.0
Modeling Tool – Erwin 3.5, ModelMart 3


  • The solution has helped client to reduce Inventories without sacrificing on stock-outs.
  • Enhanced strategic marketing efforts and promotions.
  • Track the sales team’s performance
  • Better planning on  product distribution
  • Reduced cycle time for returned product.
  • Financial savings through immediate reflection on inventory; and availability of saleable stock
  • Enhanced ability to trace a product anywhere in the delivery and returns cycle
  • Increased customer satisfaction

“The software solution that Cutting Edge provided was exactly what we asked for and more. They really paid attention to detail and gave us what we wanted, not what they wanted us to take. We are now looking at the other services offered by Cutting Edge as we feel we have a lot to gain from working with them.”
– Paul D Williamson (Operations Manager), Motohart (UK) Ltd.


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